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Burgundy Star Braided Rug*NEW*
THis is a new color combination with a true burgundy star. The color combination is burgundy, tan, gray,black,cream and beige. This rug is offered in several sizes!! Use the drop down box to choose the size. Also click on the photo to see a CLOSE UP.
$ 0.00

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Braided Black Star Runner 13x48
Our braided star runner is made of 100% jute fibers, so this rug will wear forever! This maybe used for a rug or a runner for a tabletop. Measures 13x48, colors are dark blue, black, mustard,tan accented with black stars.
$ 24.00

Black Star Rectangle Rug
Another great rug, colors dark blue, black, mustard and tans, stars are black. Offered in two sizes: 20x30 Rectangle 27x45 Rectangle Use the drop downn box to choose size.
$ 0.00

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Black Star 27
Colors are mustard, dark blue, tan with a black star in the middle, this rug is made of all natural jute fibers for ever lasting strength. 27" round rug
$ 27.00

Black Star Stair Tread
Star Stair treads are a great way to cover wooden steps, or just use as a table runner. measures 8.25"x27"
$ 9.50

Black Star Braided Rugs
Our rugs are made of 100% jute fibers, so they will last forever!! This rug comes in many sizes, use the drop down box to choose the size, the colors are dark blue, black, mustard,tan accented with black star.
$ 0.00

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Barn Star Rug 27
New~Barn Star Braided Rug is 27" round made of 100% jute fibers for durability and ecofriendly, made up of great colors including, barn red, black, cream, mustard with a brown barn star.
$ 27.00

Barn Star Chair Pad
Barn Star Chair pads measures 15.5" round, comes with ribbon ties to attach to the chair. Color pattern, black,barn red,cream,brown,green with a brown star in the center.
$ 9.95

Barn Star stair tread/runner
Barn Star stairtread/table runner can serve as either purpose, they are great to throw on end tables or the center of your kitchen table, measures 8x25"x27.
$ 9.50

Barn Star Table Runner 13x48
Barn Star Table Runner measures 13x48".
$ 24.00

Barn Star 20x30 Rectangle
Barn Star 20x30 Rectangular Rug braided rug is made up of great colors, barn red,black,brown,green,cream with brown barn stars.
$ 26.00

Barn Star Oval Placemat
Our oval braided barn star placemat, measure 13x19"
$ 11.95

Barn Star 20x30 Oval Rug
Barn star design, braided jute rug comes in many sizes. Use the drop down box to choose your size!
$ 0.00

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C-19 Braided 20x30 Oval Rug
Our braided rugs are made of durable jute fibers for longevity, colors in this rug are barn red,black, mustard, tan,cream & sage green.
$ 18.95

Black Star Oval 20x30 Rug
Black Star Oval braided rug measures 20x30" oval.
$ 23.00

Black Star Chair Pad
Black star braided chair pad comes with ties to attach to the chair, measures 15.5"
$ 9.95

Black Star 2'x6' Rug
Black Star braided floor runner measures 2'x6'.
$ 58.00

Black Star 2'x8'
Black Star 2'x8' braided floor runner.
$ 78.00

Black Star Rectangle Rug 20x30
Black Star design braided rug 20x30" rectangle.
$ 26.00

Barn Star 20x30 rectangle
Barn Star design 20x30" braided rectangle rug. Color scheme is barn red, mustard, black & cream with a brown barn star.
$ 26.00

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